Auto Detailing Service In Ventura, CA

Reliable Auto Detailing Service in Ventura, CA

Car detailing involves cleaning and washing the vehicle’s interior and exterior.

With regular use motor vehicles tend to get scratches and nicks on the body due to road debris and polluted air. Dust particles and pollutants also get trapped in the paint through the porous surface and the car loses its shine and the new look.

A vehicle’s interior can also become damaged or dirty as the seats, carpets and upholstery may collect dust and odors.

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Exterior Damage

Reasons to Get Your Car Detailed

There are three main reasons for car detailing.

The first reason for car detailing is to restore the vehicle's external paintwork by eliminating scratches and swirl marks on the surface.

Bird droppings can also damage the paintwork. Uric acid in the droppings can seep through a waxed surface in a couple of days and damage the paint. VCC's car detailing services can help restore these damages to your paint.

The second reason to get your car detailed is to protect scuffed areas on your car and prevent rust from forming.

Once rust starts forming on a car’s metallic surface, it can spread very quickly. In order to stop the rust from spreading, it must be stopped right in the beginning.

Third, car detailing helps keep the seat clean and from any long term stains from forming. Any potential bad odors can also be dealt with during the detail process. The interior detailing job also helps restores the seats and floor carpeting to its original spotless condition.

Thorough Auto Detailing Service in Ventura, CA

Whether you are looking to bring your vehicle back to its original condition or hoping to sell it, we can help. Ventura Collision Center will do its best to help restore the look of your car. We also provide a range of body and paint repair services if your vehicle was damaged in an accident.

Ventura Collision Center employs experienced staff that dose a thorough detailing job for you. A single detailing job can take from 4 to 8 hours, depending on the level of services required. When we get done with the detailing, your car will look better than before.

We provide a range of detailing services in Ventura, CA including the following:

  • Complete Detailing
  • Exterior Detailing
  • Interior Detailing
  • Odor Removal

You can get in touch with our service center to find out more about our detailing services.