Auto Paint Repair Service In Ventura, CA

Complete Auto Paint Repair Service in Ventura, CA

The body paint for a motor vehicle serves two purposes. First, it provides a layer of protective coating for your car. This keeps the body from coming into contact with contaminants and toxic elements in the air. The paint protects the car from rust and damage.

The paint also gives your car a great look, style and a polished outer surface. A good paint job completed by experienced professionals can make even an average car look amazing.

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Exterior Damage

Why Get an Auto Paint Repair

With time and usage, the outer surface of your car is affected by the weather conditions, accidents and road debris. Stone chips and door bumps can turn into rust and cause more damage to the car's body if they are not repaired.

In order to maintain the car's paint for a long time the vehicle must be washed regularly and waxed to provide an additional layer of protection. The embedded contaminants within the paint surface must also be removed because they can form rust and corrosion.

The Best Auto Paint Repair Service in Ventura, CA

Ventura Collision Center provides an exceptional service for auto body repair and paints within the city of Ventura, CA. We have many years of experience in auto body repair and paint refinishing.

We can do a timely and high-quality paint job at affordable rates. Our service covers paint jobs for minor damage as well as major collisions. We work with both domestic and foreign vehicles and use the latest equipment and techniques to complete paint repairs to give your vehicle an amazing finish.

The Process of Paint Repair

The auto paint repair process involves three major steps.

In the first step, we analyze the area that is affected by rust or chipped. If there is rust, it is removed with a rust arrestor. Any loose paint near the chip is scratched off with a sandpaper and the body surface is cleaned.

The second step involves preparing the surface. If the paint removal leaves the metal surface exposed, we apply a primer to the exposed body. A primer helps car paint to stick to the body of the car.

In the last step, we apply the paint to the primed area. Matching the paint with the existing color is a complex process. Our technicians are experienced to match the paint in a way that it seamlessly blends in with the existing color.